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JA Brass Polishing offers a full range of mechanical finishing capabilities, including polishing for bright and reflective finishes and graining for satin finishes. A full range of plated and antique finishes are available as well as protective coatings such as lacquer and clear powder coat. 

 We can provide finishing, refinishing, and restoration services for any of the following:
Polished and Satin Finishes:
Satin Fiberglass Hardware Hinge J.A. Brass Polishing
Brass   US 3, US 3NL and US 4
Bronze  US 9, US 9NL and US 10
Aluminum   US 27 and US 28
Stainless Steel   

US 32 and US 32D

And most other metals

Antique Finishes on Copper, Brass, and Bronze:

Oil Rubbed Brass   US 4B
Antique Brass US 5 and US 6
Oil Rubbed Bronze US 10B

Antique finish Dooknob J.A. Brass Polishing
Plated Coatings on Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass and Bronze:

Brass Finished Hinge J.A. Brass Polishing

Polished Bright Nickel US 14
Satin Nickel    US 15
Antique Nickel US 15A
Polished Silver    
Antique Silver  
Polished Gold
Polished Chrome   US 26
Satin Chrome  US 26D
Lacquer or Clear Powder Coat Over All Finishes


We also provide the pick up and delivery services to our customers in the following areas: San Francisco and the Peninsula, Oakland and the East Bay, Contra Costa County, Marin County, and Solano County. 


Integrated Finishing Solutions!
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